Home Made Mosquito Liquid


Hello friends today we will tell you about mosquito liquid , as you all know we are using many company products in our house. Like mortein , all out etc. They are so dangerous for our health , you also see warning in packing of liquids in rapper. but you don’t know how they give bad effect to our health , some of bad effects are below.

Mosquito liquid Bad Effect

  1. Mosquito pollution gives cancer to our body
  2. Asthma is also giving by mosquito liquid
  3. Many harmful chemical mixture are found in liquid which gives us skin problem.

So now you thinking which chemical is used to made mosquito liquid so we wanna tell you chemicals contain in mosquito liquid :-

 Dibutyl hydroxyl toluene
 Piperonly butoxide
N-(2-ethylhexyl)-bicyclo-(2,2,1)hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboximide (MGK 264)
 N.N Diethyl meta toluamide


So what we doing if many side effects of mosquito liquid or coil , don’t worry today we will tell you how to made home made mosquito liquid .

How to Made Home Made Mosquito Liquid

1. Neem Leaves

2. Basil Leaves

3. kerosene oil

4. Camphor

So how to make , its easy to make . First of all boil neem leaves and basil leaves in hot water 30 minutes . After that take juice which you made with water and drop in Mosquito liquid bottle. After that mix kerosene oil in this mixture and Camphor too. Now you home made mosquito liquid is ready to use.

Its is very easy to made at home and no side effect on your health . Repeat this process when your mixtures is ends.Now you and your children’s are safe from bad effect of dangerous liquid .  If you got benefit from this mosquito liquid formula then share with your other family members and relations. They also got benefit from this amazing method of Mosquito killer liquid.

If you need any other home made method then comment in comment box we will share you another method.